Part of the Dry Dock menu, here you can buy pretty much anything, from sonic ammo to a new ship.

NOTE: Event-only items are only availible in an event, such as a Mega Happy Hour or a seasonal event.

Sensors/Special Items Edit

Ship Extras Edit

Protective Seal
Treasure Token (Event only)
Cargo Crest
Digital Sea Chart
HP Converter
SP Converter
Cargo Transporter
Turbine Booster (Event only)
Sentry Gun
Energy Cel
Plain Container (Event only)
Standard Container (Event only)
Pro Container (Event only)
Elite Container (Event only)
Level 1 HP Battery (Event only)
Level 2 HP Battery (Event only)
Elite HP Battery (Event only)
Level 1 SP Battery (Event only)
Level 2 SP Battery (Event only)
Elite SP Battery (Event only)

Sensors Edit

Flotsam Detector
HPX Sensor (Event only)
SPX Sensor (Event only)

Nanogens Edit

Level 1 Nanogen
Level 1 Elite Nanogen
Level 2 Elite Nanogen

Event Nanogen

Ammunition Edit

Sonic Ammo Edit

Level 1 Sonic Ammo
Level 2 Sonic Ammo
Level 3 Sonic Ammo
Elite Sonic Ammo
Level 1 Photon Ammo
Elite Photon Ammo
Event Photon Ammo (Event only)
Lava Ammo

Torpedoes Edit

Level 1 Torpedo
Level 2 Torpedo
Level 3 Torpedo
Elite Torpedo
Level 1 Photon Torpedo
Level 2 Photon Torpedo
Level 3 Photon Torpedo
Elite Photon Torpedo
Lava Torpedo
Ice Torpedo

Depth Charges Edit

Standard Depth Charge
Pro Depth Charge
Elite Depth Charge

Mines Edit

Standard Mine
Pro Mine
Elite Mine

Decoys Edit

Standard Decoy
Pro Decoy
Elite Decoy

Equipment Edit

Cannons Edit

Standard Sonic Cannon
Hunting Cannon
Combat Cannon
Battle Cannon
Annihilation Cannon
Event Cannon (Event only)

Hull Armor Plates Edit

Iron Hull
Steel Hull
Titanium Hull
Elite Hull
Event Hull (Event only)

Hull plates

Iron Plate
Steel Plate
Titanium Plate
Elite Plate
Event Plate (Event only)

Shield Generators Edit

Nano Shield
Photon Shield
Fusion Shield
Elite Shield
Event Shield (Event only)

Turbines Edit

Level 1 Turbine
Level 2 Turbine
Level 3 Turbine
Elite Turbine

Subs Edit

You can own up to 5 subs, but you can only use 1 at a time.

Jafnhar Edit

Ragnarok X
Tiamat X
Ifrit X
Tydeus X
Diablo SX

Scion Edit

Lorlei X
Phoenix X
Merkur X
Omega X
Leviathan SX

Skonos(not info available yet)

Naut Edit

Poseidon X
Patron X
Omikron X
Manticore X
Warmaran SX

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