Here you can access your messages, view your logbook, look at player ranking, and look for Naskaar gate pieces in the lab.

Messages Edit

Sort of like an email system, you can send and recieve messages from other players, and view your clan mail. When you get a new message in your inbox, the messages button on your main page will start flashing.

Ranking Edit

Here you can view player rankings, from best to worst. You can filter the ranking options by player, clan and faction, by their level, player kills, clan war kills, honor points, and number of fireworks collected. (Note: fireworks were for the 4th of July Event and are no longer ingame.)

Logbook Edit

Got killed by a player and want to find out who and when? Go to the logbook and click "Events", here you will find your player kills, people who've killed you, etc, sorted by the time it happened.

Lab Edit

A recent addition to the game, the lab allows you to search for Naskaar gate pieces from relics that you can pick up in the water. You get a free try the first time you use it, after that it costs about 300 helix per try.